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    We’re creating a cleaner world with advanced technologies

CEO’s greeting

CERACOMB will lead the improvement of the environment by utilizing the best technologies and services and securing global competitiveness through them.

CERACOMB has been producing and supplying ceramic honeycomb using ceramic extrusion molding technology, and is also developing and supplying catalyst products for industrial harmful gas removal, catalyst products for automobile exhaust gas purification, and filters to reduce smoke. In addition, the automobile smoke reduction device developed based on CERACOMB’s honeycomb and catalyst technology is contributing greatly to improving fine dust and air environment problems, which are major environmental issues as of the 21st century.

Now, CERACOMB will strengthen its competitiveness by strengthening its core capabilities as much as possible, promoting efficient market access through related projects, and providing unitized environmental services. Through this, we will continue to grow into a company that is always loved by customers and shareholders, a company that society respects, and employees are proud of by developing profit and growth models and practicing sharing and win-win management.

Please look forward to it with interest and love. Please give us a lot of advice and encouragement.

CEO of CERACOMB, Lee Kang Hong