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    CERACOMB will lead the environmental improvement by securing global competitiveness based on the best technologies and services.

CERACOMB has various types of ceramic honeycomb materials used as catalyst structure, as well as catalysts including various deodorization catalyst filters, catalysts for removing VOC, DOC for automobiles, DPF, SCR, etc. In addition, we are constantly striving to develop materials and catalysts to be applied to various industrial sites, power plants, and internal combustion engines such as automobiles by adjusting to high temperature durability, high thermal shock resistance, and processing characteristics by material

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

It is a filter that collects and removes PM from diesel engines. By zigzag fluffing the channels at the entrance and outlet of the honeycomb, exhaust gas passes through the wall, and particulate matter (PM) is induced to be collected on the honeycomb wall to reduce smoke.

– High PM removal rate.
– Low pressure.
– High specific surface area
– Minimal power loss and fuel consumption.
– Low coefficient of thermal expansion.

DimensionDiameter : Max. 13 inch
Length : Max. 12 inch
Cell Geometry200, 300