• R & D

    Based on the long accumulated core competencies, we are focusing on developing new products and new technologies that customers want.

Research infrastructure

In addition to the laboratory for the development of honeycomb carriers and catalysts, the CERACOMB Laboratory operates laboratories in various fields (ALN, C.A.D-Clean Air Device Test, etc.). In addition, it operates a research analysis room that analyzes professional thermal analysis, physical properties, and catalytic activity, and has more than 20 types of specialized analysis experimental equipment, including ICP, FT-IR, and BET.


Porosity, pore size measurement

Differential pressure measuring device

Honeycomb carrier differential pressure measurement


Honeycomb carrier thermal expansion analysis

Non-surface area analyzer

BET and micropore measurements

Particle analyzer

Material particle measurement

Gasoline and diesel analysis devices

Gasoline and diesel catalysts activity evaluation


Catalytic activity evaluation


Quantitative analysis of trace elements

THC analyzer

Mobile hydrocarbon analyzer

VOCs Catalyst Evaluation Equipment

VOCs Catalytic Activity Evaluation

Multi-use ingredient test machine

Measurement of physical properties such as tensile strength and condensation

Optical microscope

Honeycomb surface analysis