• P R O D U C T

    CERACOMB will lead the environmental improvement by securing global competitiveness based on the best technologies and services.

CERACOMB is contributing to improving air quality in Korea by removing harmful gases and fine dust from various industrial sites as well as harmful gases from In addition, we have developed a device to remove hydrogen that caused the Fukushima nuclear explosion by securing original technology to prevent the risk of explosion of nuclear power plants and submarines in Korea.

PAR(passive catalytic hydrogen recombiner)

Air mixed with hydrogen reacts with the catalyst in the PAR to generate reaction heat, and thus hydrogen is introduced into the PAR due to natural convection and thus hydrogen may be continuously removed even when there is no power.

– Acquired Q grade from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.
– Supply to the 18th operating nuclear power plant in Korea.
– Hydrogen treatment capacity possible not only at low concentrations but also at high concentrations.
– Stand type, wall type, and various sizes.