• P R O D U C T

    CERACOMB will lead the environmental improvement by securing global competitiveness based on the best technologies and services.

CERACOMB is contributing to improving air quality in Korea by removing harmful gases and fine dust from various industrial sites as well as harmful gases from In addition, we have developed a device to remove hydrogen that caused the Fukushima nuclear explosion by securing original technology to prevent the risk of explosion of nuclear power plants and submarines in Korea.


As a dust collector for room temperature and high temperature, it can be installed with only about 60% of the site of the existing device.

1. For room temperature
– Minimize installation space and reduce initial investment costs with an integral (centrifugal force + filtration) structure.
– Reduce maintenance costs due to extended filter life.
– The higher the dust concentration and the amount of gas treated, the more economical it is.

2. High temperature
– Simultaneously treating high-temperature hazardous dust (SOX, NOX, DUST) at a commercial temperature (500℃ to 600℃) of the system.
– Minimize installation space and reduce initial investment costs by omitting some of the existing facility configurations (temperature control, SCR).

Applicable location
– Steel, cement kiln, crematorium, etc.
– High Temperature Gas Inflow (MAX 600℃) SOX, NOX, and DUST simultaneously processing processes.