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  • 2011~

    2018 Acquired certification for reduction business from Taiwan (Pasive/Active/Hybrid DPF System)
    2017 Export of smoke reduction devices to Iran begins
    2015 Participated in the diesel vehicle emission reduction system project in China
    2014 simultaneous removal of PM-NOx
    2013 Active DPF system is certified by the Ministry of Environment
    2012 Acquired a quality Q level and selected as a PAR supplier from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. Supply to 18 nuclear power plants in Korea
    2011 Active DPF system and SCR Catalyst

  • 2009~

    2009 Two types of smoke reduction devices, CH-PDPF and CC-PDPF, obtained certification from the Ministry of Environment
    2008 CM-PDPF (Partial DPF) module KMOE certification and SMAQI project supply start
    2005Technology partnership with KOBELCO in the field of life odor treatment catalyst
    2004 Participating in the KMOE plan, participating in the SMAQI (Air Quality Improvement in the Seoul metropolitan area) project, and participating in the DOC (Air Quality Improvement Project in the Seoul metropolitan area organized by the Ministry of Environment)
    2002 SO 9001 Quality System Certification and R&D Center Establishment
    2001 Changed the company name to CERACOMB

  • 1999~

    1999 Separation of companies from Dongseo industries. Established Dongseo CERACOMB
    1992 Development and production and supply of VOC catalysts and odor removal catalysts for cooking utensils
    1990 Export of Ceramic Honeycomb (GM) for automobile exhaust gas treatment
    1989 Production and supply of ceramic honeycomb began
    1977 Establishment of the Dongseo Industry Honeycomb department in Hyundai Group