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    CERACOMB will lead the environmental improvement by securing global competitiveness based on the best technologies and services.

Various pollutants, including fumes (PM), carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides emitted from gasoline and diesel vehicles, account for 35% of the total air pollution. CERACOMB’s emissions reduction device cleans the air by removing these harmful substances.

Partial DPF System

It is a device that removes harmful gases and particulate matter emitted from diesel engines of diesel vehicles, and is a type 2 emission reduction device with a smoke reduction rate of more than 50%

-Partially open DPF structure minimizes pressure loss and fuel efficiency degradation.
-Excellent performance is realized even when driving at low speed.
-Easy to mount and easy to manage after attaching.

Regeneration methodspecificationdevice nameapplied enginedevice configurationperformance
Natural regenerationS(Round 5.66 Inch)Partial DPF system (S)Engine : under 3,000cc
Power : under 115PS
DOC + Partial DPFEquipped on over 32,000 diesel vehicles
M(Round 7.5 inch)Partial DPF system (M) Engine : under 3,000~6,000cc
Power : under 155PS